Title: Die Dashboards Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent Software
Context: You can either show your customers a bunch of data or you can talk to them about what it means. Which do you think they would rather do?
Synopsis: Big data is, well, big. And getting bigger. Which means finding and designing more and better ways to show all of that data to people, right? I mean what’s the point of data unless someone can see it? And once they see it in the context of our incredibly designed dashboard visualization, all will become clear. Their problems will surface and responsive actions will be obvious to all. It is data people want of course. It is data upon which decisions are based. It is data that we need in order to perform our jobs. Although, data can also be overwhelming. Data can be difficult to parse. Data can be confusing, to put it mildly. Sometimes what is actually needed is someone — or something — to talk to about all of this data. An interpreter. An advisor. A conversationalist. Seeing may be believing, but to solve your problems you’ve got to be able to talk them out.
Best Bit: “The future of enterprise software won’t be about complicated dashboards and mind-numbing amounts of big data; it will be about well-designed interfaces that make work a pleasure.”

via medium.com/behavior-design