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Cataloging the art and science of user experience design

Title: Design in Tech Report 2017 Context: If you’re a designer (and I’m assuming that you are) then good news: one day soon, business might actually start to perhaps appreciate what you bring to the table. Synopsis: The value of

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Graphic Artists USA logo

Title: Nixon, NASA, And How The Federal Government Got Design Context: Remember the time when the federal government placed a premium on the power of design? Why are you laughing? Synopsis: President Ronald Reagan used to stump with an old

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Title: How the future of the user interface will redefine your job Context: Job descriptions evolve. Professional skills change. The gainfully employed understand and embrace this. Synopsis: The world is changing. Easy statement to make, because it’s always true. The

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Perceived performance timeline

Title: A Designer’s Guide to Perceived Performance Context: It’s not how fast you are, it’s how fast your users think you are. Synopsis: Einstein tells us that time is relative. Counterintuitively, the faster a body moves through space the slower

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Language translation

Title: Design for internationalization Context: Not everyone speaks the same language, and everyone certainly doesn’t speak the same language as your UI. Synopsis: According to the most recent statistics the average global digital consumer owns almost 4 connected devices. Of

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Satan's web design

Title: If Satan was a web designer… Context: Web forms aren’t evil. Web form designers on the other hand… Best Bit: None of these examples also show a captcha. Even Satan refuses to go there. via

2017 UX Year in Preview

Title: The State of UX in 2017 Context: 2017 is going to be an interesting year. Also, some cool and crappy UI’s will be designed. Synopsis: What does the future hold? Only a fool tries to predict an answer to

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2016 UX Year in Review

Title: The Best And Worst User Interfaces Of 2016 Context: 2016 was an interesting year. Also, some cool and crappy UI’s were designed. Synopsis: What happened in 2016? Don’t ask me. I’ve blocked it all out for mental health reasons.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Title: Give Thanks for Good UX Context: It is the time of year for all of us to be thankful. Mostly for being designers and not developers. Just kidding. (Not kidding.) Synopsis: Ah Thanksgiving. One of America’s greatest holidays. A

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Redesigning the wheel

Title: Makeover Mania: Inside the 21st-Century Craze for Redesigning Everything Context: There is nothing new under the sun. Which is why it all should be redesigned from the ground up. Including the sun. Synopsis: People get used to the familiar.

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Confusing ballot design

Title: Disenfranchised by Bad Design Context: It’s not just a bad idea to have confusing, poorly designed ballots for elections, in many cases, it’s also the law. Seriously. Synopsis: Voting can be stressful. Not because the choice of candidates can

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Mondrian...FROM HELL!!!!!

Title: 8 Delightfully Creepy Design Projects Just In Time For Halloween Context: There’s nothing scarier than a designer with an idea. Best Bit: “The skull with the bees is especially unsettling, making us want to tap into our inner Nic

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"Agile" design

Title: Halloween Costumes for Designers Context: And no, there is not a “Sexy UI Designer” costume in the whole lot. Best Bit: It’s visually pun-tastic! via

Behavioral design

Title: The scientists who make apps addictive Context: “You can’t make people do something they don’t want to do.” Wanna bet? Synopsis: For all of its wondrous complexity, the human brain remains an imperfect machine. It cuts corners at times,

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NPS web satisfaction ratings

Title: Net Promoter Score: What a Customer-Relations Metric Can Tell You About Your User Experience Context: Not everything that can be measured matters and not everything that matters can be measured. Synopsis: Actionable metrics are the Holy Grail of UX.

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