Title: 10 Things I Learned About UX By Being Drunk
Context: If you think your product might be hard to use when sober, imagine trying to do it while drunk.
Synopsis: User experience design can be a sobering activity. Trying to balance scores of user requirements, endless reams of business critical functionality, and an inexhaustible supply of technical constraints is enough to drive even the most abstemious among us to drink. And very often our repayment is a disinterested user, incapable of appreciating the hours of toil that went into crafting a bespoke solution where nothing but their needs and desires were considered. Yes, that brain-numbing reality certainly calls for a stiff drink. Teetotaling has no place in the rollicking world of UX design. So lift your glasses high and join me in a toast: To the end-user! May they never get what they want. May they get what they need. But may they never get what they deserve.
Best Bit: “Here is my process: I get drunk, look at your website, and try to give advice about how it could be better while I pretend to be a normal user.”

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