Title: Stop Trying To Be Creative
Context: Creativity happens when you least expect it.
Synopsis: Try as you might, creative inspiration just won’t come. But that’s most likely your problem right there: that little word “try”. You can’t force inspiration. Ideas come on their own schedule, your convenience is meaningless to them. But still creativity does come, in fits and starts, on a timeline riddled with unexplained gaps and grouped by an opaque logic. What makes it behave so…creatively? Ah, who knows? Science tries to explain such things but doesn’t. Maybe it’s just the creative person’s lot in life to walk a very fine line between fruitful ideas and barren nothingness. But don’t try too hard to stay on that line or you just might manage to do it.
Best Bit: “[T]he ‘objective paradox’ — as soon as you create an objective, you ruin your ability to reach it.”

via fivethirtyeight.com