Title: The Reinvention Of Normal
Context: We tend to, as a species, equate normal with good for some unfathomable reason.
Synopsis: We are all in need of inspiration on pretty much a rolling basis, but it’s what you do with inspiration once it arrives that matters. Do you seize it or simply admire it? Do you run with it or sit and stare? Ideas can be a fickle lot, coming and going of their own volition, being good and/or bad as they see fit. But what if ideas are all actually fine? What if it’s what we do (or rather, choose not to do) with them that really is the cause of all the heartache we feel when seeking a particular one? Our expectations can be outsized and sometimes even downright unreasonable. We are cruel judges of ideas, rarely giving them a full hearing, passing summary judgment with staccato dismissiveness. Maybe if we spent more time exploring the ideas we do have rather than on a constant lookout for the ones that have yet to come life would be a more interesting—and indeed less normal—place.
Best Bit: If you don’t want to do the reverse bungee jump I don’t want to know you.

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