Title: NO DICKHEADS! A Guide To Building Happy, Healthy, and Creative Teams.
Context: It’s easy to call yourselves a team. However, actually being a team takes a lot of hard work.
Synopsis: Tolstoy famously said that “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. One might extrapolate said truism to the realm of creative teams as well. There really isn’t any big secret to building an environment where people are content, productive, and – yes – happy, but failing to provide the necessary infrastructure and support where happiness can be actualized will result in any number of miserable outcomes. Empowerment, mutual respect, laughter, good food; these are but some of the cornerstones of blissfully creative teamwork. Not to say that achieving creative nirvana is easy, on the contrary, like any good relationship one gets out of it what one puts into it. Building bonds and growing friendships can be an important part of your everyday work life, or you can simply show up and go through the motions. The choice – and subsequent joy or misery – is all yours.
Best Bit: “I don’t believe you should bind line management with creative leadership. If you do, a team will quickly become subservient and will design only what they are instructed to design.”

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