Title: The UX of Mobile Settings
Context: System settings are a garden of weeds that grows increasingly impenetrable the longer it goes untended.
Synopsis: The need to change a user setting can end one of two ways. The first outcome is a surprisingly intuitive journey into your device or application settings menu where you quickly find a clearly identified category which contains the specific setting you want to tweak and takes all of a few seconds to make the necessary improvement. The second, and much less pleasurable workflow, involves unending minutes of trial and fruitless error as you randomly tap around the screen on anything no matter how tenuous you perceive the relationship to the feature you wish to change and end up on the verge of homicidal rage with very little to show for it. We designers are of course to blame, preferring to concentrate our efforts on the primary glory features and treat user settings as the least favored step child of our UI’s. This unnecessary cruelty must stop, for all of our sake’s. Won’t someone think of the users?
Best Bit: “I’m intrigued about this seemingly unordered list and the design thinking that went behind it.”

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