Title: Buy Experiences, Not Things
Context: If money isn’t buying you happiness maybe you are spending it on the wrong types of things.
Synopsis: Everyone knows that delicious feeling the day before you are about to take a week or two off work and go to a place you’ve been dying to check off your bucket list. You are in a phenomenal mood. You’re nice to everyone. The anticipation is invigorating. Everyone also knows that restless feeling one gets as you keep staring out the window waiting for the FedEx truck to pull up to drop the latest sparkly toy into your hands. You are impatient. People annoy you. If it doesn’t come soon you are going to lose it. Which scenario do you relish more? As it turns out the human psyche is wired to appreciate the things you do—the things you experience—over the things you own. This is the value of experience design writ large across the human condition. If you design things for people, the gratification will be fleeting, but if you design experiences for them they’ll never be able to forget you.
Best Bit: “Maybe we should destroy our material possessions at their peak, so they will live on in an idealized state in our memories?”

via theatlantic.com