Title: 6 Ideas That Define Design in 2014
Context: Hey design. What’s new with you? Oh these 6 things? OK then.
Synopsis: Design is constantly evolving and while there are certainly inviolate articles of faith that maintain across its continuous transformation, it is equally true that each iteration of the design landscape surfaces unique traits that drive it forward until the next reinvention. So what are the current trends helping to delineate design today? Well without spoiling the surprise, let’s just say that you probably won’t be surprised at all. But to be fair, the things that people are doing with design can be quite progressive even if the toolbox still contains the same old, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, and other assorted gadgets. So maybe design isn’t so evolutionary after all. Perhaps it’s the design outcomes that change to suit the unique needs of the time while the underlying process trucks on minding its own business. It’s just a lot harder to make a list if that’s the case I guess.
Best Bit: “For the design discipline to advance, we must understand human motivations, mores, and biases with ever greater fidelity.”

via wired.com