Title: Learning More About Creativity And Innovation From LEGO
Context: You can design. And you can innovate. But if you don’t link these processes to business outcomes you’re just wasting everyone’s time.
Synopsis: See those guys over there? They design stuff. Over here we run a bunch of innovation workshops every once in a while. What’s that? You want to know where the strategic decisions are made? Well certainly not in these parts. No, the folks deciding that stuff rarely even visit this part of the organization. Business decisions are far too important to leave to some designers or a random innovation initiative. We figure if we throw enough design/innovation spaghetti against the wall a percentage of the stuff that manages to stick is bound to align with our grand business vision. I mean law of averages right?
Best Bit: When innovation gets out of control, it disconnects from the company’s strategy, leaving a gap between business and creativity, leading to sales losses.”

via smashingmagazine.com