Title: The Bottom Line Value of Design
Context: The most certain path to profit is great design. No you can’t have a raise.
Synopsis: The evidence is no longer anecdotal, design commitment is the single most important business differentiator that any company can adopt in order to ensure their success, regardless of any other competing factor. This isn’t brain surgery or rocket science (although both have been shown to become better and more profitable when a design is introduced into the process). Of course this is about more than lip service. It is not what businesses say they are committed to anymore, it is what they can demonstrate through the quality of their products and services that reveals their dedication to their customers. The data is there. The results are clear. Businesses that choose to ignore the importance of design deserve to go broke.
Best Bit: “Small and large, new and old, companies around the globe are attaching themselves to the importance of user experience, becoming agile, moving design as styling to design as strategy, and cultivating user-centred ways of operating.”

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