Title: The No UI debate is rubbish
Context: Context is king.
Synopsis: I forget where the user experience zeitgeist is at this week. Are we against all forms of UI controls now or is it back to the tried and true classic user interfaces of 5 minutes ago? I can’t keep up. The truth is, there is no real debate here. Everything we do as UX designers needs to live and die by the requirements we are faced with at the time for the users we are targeting. Dogmatic orthodoxy is for Sunday services and partisan politics, our task is universally to find the right solution for the problem we are being asked to solve. We tend to endanger the final solution when we allow preconceptions to drive our process, instead of unbiased discovery. Drop the rule book and clean all slates, problems are solved on the merits, not the precedent.
Best Bit: “Even insane designers have moments of clarity and recognize that not everyone, all the time, is best served by militant simplification.”

via scottberkun.com