Title: Why a New Golden Age for UI Design Is Around the Corner
Context: Everything around you will be part of the same user experience. Your job just got a million times harder. Sorry.
Synopsis: So you are a software designer. Or an industrial designer. Or an interior designer. Or a fashion designer. Or any other kind of designer you care to name–your job is now obsolete. It’s not that the world no longer needs designers. No, if anything, designers are about to become more valuable than ever. But what the world is going to need are designers that do not work solely on discrete tasks and instead consider their role as part of an ubiquitous ecosystem where system level awareness is fact. The internet of everything? Pffft, too limiting a concept. Try total experiential immersion that both envelopes our existence and never for a second gets in our way. No buttons. No knobs. No dialog boxes. Intelligence and embedded design sensitivity will make today’s user experience design philosophies obsolete. Truth be told? They probably already are…
Best Bit: “But as designers move off of screens and into the larger world, they’ll need to consider every nuance of our everyday activity and understand human behavior every bit as well as novelists or filmmakers.”

via wired.com