Title: The UX Professionals’ Guide to Working with Agile Scrum Teams
Context: Agile is the new waterfall. Which was really just the new “just design me something”.
Synopsis: Who doesn’t love Agile? UX designers that’s who. Or rather, they don’t until they’ve been fortunate enough to work on a project where user experience is fully and equally integrated into the Agile lifecycle. Is it easy? Hell no. What worthwhile endeavor is? But beware, it requires more than just hard work and flexibility on the UX designers’ behalf to make this work. Developers, Product Managers, and Scrum Masters all have significant roles to play before user experience is firing on all cylinders within a scrum team. As difficult as something like may seem at first blush, no one can disagree with the optimal outcome: better products, happier users, and – most importantly – the ability to recreate the lightning in a bottle of great UX outcomes within great Agile teams.
Best Bit: “The opinion that ‘This is good enough.’ Design implementation always goes to the bottom of the priority for the sake of MVP… Pushed to the next release and stay in the UX bug list forever.”

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