Title: Want to be a better storyteller? Learn from a comedian
Context: Who has 2 thumbs and tells stories for a living? This guy. Except you should do that. With your own thumbs. And also substitute “girl” for “guy” if necessary. This was much funnier in my head…
Synopsis: 2 guys walk into a bar…no, no too trite. Why did the chicken cross the road?..no, too philosophical. Ah! Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Umm…no, wait…how does this go again? Never mind. The point is that comedy has a lot to teach us about storytelling. And as we all know (or damn well should) a user experience designer is, at heart, a storyteller for real and true. And (as we all should also damn well know) no one likes a boring story. I’m not saying you need to be Jerry Frickin Seinfeld when putting a spec together, but you also can’t be…um…see, I can’t even think of some boring guy to contrast to Jerry Frickin Seinfeld because no one ever remembers boring guys! So, long story short: don’t be the boring guy. Be funny. Be thought provoking. Be strong. But most of all, be memorable.
Best Bit: “The brain doesn’t pay attention to boring things.”

via ooomf.com