Title: The Worst
Context: We assume that everyone will pay a premium for the best user experience possible…But at what cost?
Synopsis: We have been conditioned to accept that everyone wants nothing but the best. The target for all of our consumer and consumption based activity is high because that is where we will find the rewards that we have surely earned and if it costs us a few dollars more to get our hands on what we deserve then so be it. Upward mobility is both the ends and the means. We seek to acquire the best possible objects and experiences, which will in turn drive excellence across the sprawl of our existence. Or does it? What if I told you that the endless supply, and single-minded pursuit of, the best, is not a self-fulfilling prophecy but rather a smokescreen that obscures the truly wonderful parts of our lives that aren’t always clean and pristine and well designed? Sometimes messy is good. There are times that unpolished is right. Occasionally the best is actually the worst. And that’s ok.
Best Bit: “A whole language can start to develop around not just the consumption of goods, but the consumption of experience: ‘We did Prague.’ ‘We did Barcelona.'”

via thoughtcrime.org