Title: Why Doodling Is Important – “I Draw Pictures All Day”
Context: The best way to think creatively is to act creatively.
Synopsis: Remember back when you were a kid and a box of crayons was your best friend? Most kids draw incessantly and without shame. They understand exactly what drawing is for: to communicate abstract ideas as efficiently and accurately as possible. And then at some point in our lives we are told – and even worse, start to believe – that drawing is either a lowbrow substitute for real thinking or worse, a distraction that impedes our ability to retain information and engage in solid reasoning. For shame. Drawing is a shared universal language that encourages exploration, enhances our ability to connect abstract thoughts and allows us to close the gap between our conscious and subconscious minds leading to ideas and avenues of exploration unavailable to any other mode of thinking. So I say draw to your heart’s content! Your mind will thank you for it.
Best Bit: “Doodling, drawing and even making diagrams helps us not only engage with the material, but also identify the underlying structure of the argument, while also connecting concepts in a tactile and visual way.”

via smashingmagazine.com