Title: Why We Need Storytellers at the Heart of Product Development
Context: I’m going to continue beating the storytelling drum until I finally get to the end of this particular story about this guy who continues to beat the storytelling drum.
Synopsis: Once upon a time there was a product development team. This team of engineers, product managers and designers worked hard night and day on this brand new, um, “thing”. The only problem was, at the same time, in another part of the business was a product marketing team working on the same “thing” yet the two teams never spoke to each other. So while one team was off talking to customers and preparing marketing collateral that they would use to sell the product, the other team was busy designing and building this “thing” with almost no knowledge of how this “thing” they were building was going to be sold to potential customers. Then 3 bears came in and ate everyone. The moral of this tale is that there needs to be a coherent and contiguous narrative across all stakeholders in the development lifecycle of any “thing” if you want it to succeed. True story.
Best Bit: “The first goal of a product storyteller is to facilitate collaboration and co-creation.”

via uxmag.com