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If you can’t sell an idea don’t be surprised when no one wants to buy it. via

Language is still one of the most emotive parts of user experience design. Use it wisely. via

Title: No Innovator’s Dilemma Here: In Praise of Failure Context: If success was easy, everyone would have invented a better vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck by now. Wait. What? Synopsis: James Dyson, inventor extraordinaire, talks about the inextricable link between

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Forget about the internet of everything, are you ready for the social network of everything? via

Title: The Astounding World of the Future Context: You can’t predict the future, you can only make it. And according to this vision, we’ve certainly made “something” of our future… Synopsis: Ever see one of those olde tyme newsreels that

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The world’s most typical person is not typically who you’d expect. via

Have 4:16 to spare? If you don’t then this video is most assuredly for you. via

Never let an inability to draw prevent you from drawing something cool. via

Title: Failure: The Secret to Success Context: Success does not happen without failure. Period. Synopsis: If you can’t learn from your mistakes, you can’t learn. If you are afraid of making mistakes, you can’t succeed. One of the better corporate

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Why even bother showing up to work when you can just have your robot avatar do it for you? via

Title: Touching, waving at and talking to the future with Microsoft Context: Microsoft is making cool stuff too? Who knew? Synopsis: A whirlwind (PR fluff/news report) tour of Microsoft’s skunkworks where they are building lots of things that use gestural

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Conor Houghton, the genius behind Ignite Dublin brought this to Ignite Dublin #6 last night. I wonder if you can use this to make a copy of itself? via

Title: The ROI of User Experience Context: How much money can good UX design make your company? A bazillion-trillion-quadrillion dollars*! (*Estimate only. Your results may vary.) Synopsis: Why keep us UX people around? If you mean besides our dashing good

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Title: Microsoft’s Vision of the Future Context: Be careful what you wish for in the future. You just might get it. Synopsis: What might the future look like? Who the hell knows? It’s impossible to predict but that doesn’t stop

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