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Cataloging the art and science of user experience design

Title: Don Norman: The term “UX” Synopsis: The guy who helped to create the term “user experience” wants you to know that most of you are using it all wrong. Best Bit: “…today that term [user experience] has been horribly

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Title: It’s not you. Bad doors are everywhere. Context: Push? Pull? Brain the designer with a ball-peen hammer? Best Bit: “Norman door (n.): 1. A door where the design tells you to do the opposite of what you’re actually supposed

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Title: Usability Testing of Fruit Context: Just because you’ve always used something doesn’t make it usable. Best Bit: At least oranges aren’t grapefruit. via

Title: 謝承霖 《低头人生》 Life Smartphone Synopsis: It’s all fun and games until distracted bloody mayhem eradicates the human race. Best Bit: Selfie girl. I’ve met her kind before. via

Title: Behind the scenes: Design sprint with Gimlet Media Context: If you build it, they will come. But how do you know what to build in the first place? Design sprint prototypes. You’re welcome. Synopsis: The Greatest Idea In The

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Know those big, chunky, UK electric plugs? Apparently they designed a heck of a lot of safety features into those 3-pronged-foot-daggers-in-the-night. Except for the whole foot-dagger thing. via

There is a fine line between expertise and madness. Especially when that line is supposed to be green and all you have is a red marker. via

Title: Storytelling lessons from Bill Cosby Context: There’s all types of storytelling out there, but the stories that make you smile – or indeed laugh – are generally the best kinds. Synopsis: Want people to remember your presentation? Tell them

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Being creative isn’t the problem. Staying creative is. via

Behold! The world’s fastest web designer. via

Title: The Good, Bad, The Creative (Thesis Documentary) Context: A design student interviews a bunch of people in a quest to figure out what makes good – or bad – design. Synopsis: Sometimes I forget how interesting college was. Instead

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Title: Building Industrial Strength User Experience Context: It’s probably around 10% of your budget, but you might want to get more than 10% of your people on board with it. Synopsis: So the conventional wisdom for building an effective user

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Microsoft designs a touchscreen NUI. Enjoy watching this video on your iPad. via

The art of paper prototyping. Lo fidelity, high reward. via

If you can’t sell an idea don’t be surprised when no one wants to buy it. via