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Cataloging the art and science of user experience design

Title: Crappy Design – 2012 Honda Console Context: In the olden days, people would encounter a poorly designed experience and suffer through it in silence. It’s no longer the olden days. Best Bit: Pretty good design critique from a (very

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Title: Don Norman: The term “UX” Synopsis: The guy who helped to create the term “user experience” wants you to know that most of you are using it all wrong. Best Bit: “…today that term [user experience] has been horribly

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Title: It’s not you. Bad doors are everywhere. Context: Push? Pull? Brain the designer with a ball-peen hammer? Best Bit: “Norman door (n.): 1. A door where the design tells you to do the opposite of what you’re actually supposed

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Title: Usability Testing of Fruit Context: Just because you’ve always used something doesn’t make it usable. Best Bit: At least oranges aren’t grapefruit. via

Title: 謝承霖 《低头人生》 Life Smartphone Synopsis: It’s all fun and games until distracted bloody mayhem eradicates the human race. Best Bit: Selfie girl. I’ve met her kind before. via

Title: Behind the scenes: Design sprint with Gimlet Media Context: If you build it, they will come. But how do you know what to build in the first place? Design sprint prototypes. You’re welcome. Synopsis: The Greatest Idea In The

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Know those big, chunky, UK electric plugs? Apparently they designed a heck of a lot of safety features into those 3-pronged-foot-daggers-in-the-night. Except for the whole foot-dagger thing. via

There is a fine line between expertise and madness. Especially when that line is supposed to be green and all you have is a red marker. via

Title: Storytelling lessons from Bill Cosby Context: There’s all types of storytelling out there, but the stories that make you smile – or indeed laugh – are generally the best kinds. Synopsis: Want people to remember your presentation? Tell them

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Being creative isn’t the problem. Staying creative is. via

Behold! The world’s fastest web designer. via

Title: The Good, Bad, The Creative (Thesis Documentary) Context: A design student interviews a bunch of people in a quest to figure out what makes good – or bad – design. Synopsis: Sometimes I forget how interesting college was. Instead

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Title: Building Industrial Strength User Experience Context: It’s probably around 10% of your budget, but you might want to get more than 10% of your people on board with it. Synopsis: So the conventional wisdom for building an effective user

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Microsoft designs a touchscreen NUI. Enjoy watching this video on your iPad. via

The art of paper prototyping. Lo fidelity, high reward. via