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United mobile app screen

Title: How United Onboards New Users Context: Want to book a flight on United via their mobile app? You are a damn fool. Best Bit: There is nothing—NOTHING!—”best” about this. via

Image credit: John Lambert Pearson, "the design process", April 4, 2007, Flickr

Title: Design Process is a Myth Context: My way or the highway does not a design process make. Synopsis: Prescriptive design processes are like prescription shoes, sure they may fit a lot similarly sized people but they are going to

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5 Questions to Make a DecisionImage credit: Satya Murthy, "5 Questions to Make a Decision", June 2, 2011, Flickr

Title: Decision Fatigue is Why Designers Need to Respect Consumers Context: Making your users make too many decisions makes them make other purchasing decisions. Synopsis: Click here or click there? Drag this and drop where? Right click or file menu?

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