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Cataloging the art and science of user experience design
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Title: Why we need writers: Better products, services, and companies. Context: A good UI is as much written as designed. Synopsis: Most people think of design as a visual medium where concepts and ideas are communicated through graphic cues that

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user interface copywriting example

Title: 5 principles for great interface copywriting Context: All design is not visual. All design is communication. Synopsis: The main focus of design is invariably, visual. This makes sense to us because we tend to think of design as an

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Language is still one of the most emotive parts of user experience design. Use it wisely. via

Title: Do You Know When To Communicate Verbally And When To Communicate Visually? Context: Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember…Wait, what was I talking about again? Synopsis: The brain is a funny thing. The way we’re all wired

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