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Title: 3 Ways To Predict What Consumers Want Before They Know It Context: Innovation is by definition, something that your customers have never seen before. Synopsis: Of course we all know that it is our job to delight customers with

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I am sorry. I suck at ______. Thanks for being patient with me.Image credit: See-ming Lee, "I am sorry. I suck at ______. Thanks for being patient with me.", Decmeber 11, 2012, Flickr

Title: Winning a User Experience Debate Context: Designers are from Mars and everyone else is from Venus. But the part of Venus that constantly disagrees with people from Mars. Synopsis: I know this almost never happens, but what should we

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Which remote research tool should I use?Image credit: Clearleft, "Which remote research tool should I use?", August 27, 2010, Flickr

User research is hard. via

Intel fellow Genevieve Bell: “Intel doesn’t design actual products,” she explains – and her lab isn’t trying to create products that OEMs will just put their name on. “But unless we know what we need to deliver ultimately, it’s hard

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