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Title: Why we need writers: Better products, services, and companies. Context: A good UI is as much written as designed. Synopsis: Most people think of design as a visual medium where concepts and ideas are communicated through graphic cues that

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Chatbot fail

Title: Why chatbots fail Context: Chatbots are the new hotness. Or as a chatbot might say: “Can you rephrase that? I didn’t understand what you meant.” Synopsis: Everybody and their natural language processing framework wants to build a chatbot these

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Good vs bad UX writing

Title: 9 simple but powerful UX writing tips for designers Context: The person who would design should first know how to write. Synopsis: The root of simplicity is clarity. The conceit of design is that clarity is the product of

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Grammar - It's the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.

Title: The Grammar of Interactivity Context: Wording on buttons is very often a hot button issue. (Get it?) Synopsis: “Update your details.” “Check my messages.” “Use our help system to figure out why you can’t figure out what to do.”

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GrammarImage credit: Celestine Chua, "Grammar", December 19, 2013, Flickr

Title: The Grammar of Interactivity Context: Fluency in the language of user experience is tough to master. Synopsis: Remember how much you hated English class in high school? “I’m going to become a designer so I never have to conjugate

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Day 77 - Cherries-015.jpgImage credit: JohnCrider, "Day 77 - Cherries-015", June 21, 1012, Flickr

Title: Yours vs. Mine Context: Words matter. How to use language correctly in your UI. Synopsis: How much ownership do you really feel over an interface? Maybe it’s “my” email, but is it “my” Gmail? Complexity exists even in the

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Language is still one of the most emotive parts of user experience design. Use it wisely. via