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iOS Yo app plus

If you think the “Yo” app is the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard of, just you wait… via

Scene from Star Wars

Title: 9 UX Design “Fails” In Star Wars Context: Advanced technology without design is sometimes necessary to drive the plot forward. Synopsis: Spaceships. Droids. Telepathic choking. The wonders of superior technology are indeed manifest. Of course with the ubiquity of

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There is a fine line between expertise and madness. Especially when that line is supposed to be green and all you have is a red marker. via

Sometimes designers say the dirtiest things. via

“If you can’t convince ’em, confuse ’em.” — Harry S. Truman, frustrated user experience designer via

Title: The Mysteries of the Cereal Box: The complicated history of how a cereal box closes Context: Sometimes small design decisions can mean a lot. But not always. Synopsis: Did you have cereal this morning? Did your cereal come in

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If God had wanted us to take the stairs he wouldn’t have given us fingers with which to press elevator buttons now would he?

Profanity + Creativity = Profane creativity The math is fucking simple… via

The old breakfast-cereal-as-metaphor-for-your-UX-process infographic. via

Do you suck at getting up in the morning? There’s an app for that. via

Daily ShowImage credit: madrigals, "Daily Show", September 13, 2006, Flickr

How The Daily Show uses accessibility features to help write comedy. via

Blind PersonImage credit: Eddie~S, "Blind Person", June 2, 2009, Flickr

Title: What To Do When You Meet A Sighted Person Context: Bringing the need for accessibility home one smart-ass, sarcastic blog post at a time. Synopsis: The problem with sighted people is that they have sight but do not always

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