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Cataloging the art and science of user experience design
Really bad volume slider

Title: Redditors are competing to design the most asinine volume sliders Context: No intentionally crappy UI element is so stupid that it is not plausibly legitimate. Best Bit: The original Reddit thread is worth its weight in decibels. via

Medieval chandelier design iteration

Title: Transcript & Sketches from a Medieval Design Session Context: There are no new design problems under the sun. Synopsis: All of the experts will tell you that product design is a relatively new discipline within the scope of the

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Satan's web design

Title: If Satan was a web designer… Context: Web forms aren’t evil. Web form designers on the other hand… Best Bit: None of these examples also show a captcha. Even Satan refuses to go there. via

"Agile" design

Title: Halloween Costumes for Designers Context: And no, there is not a “Sexy UI Designer” costume in the whole lot. Best Bit: It’s visually pun-tastic! via

Meaningless design jargon

Title: How to pretend you’re a great designer Context: If you can’t BE a great designer, just PRETEND that you are. Really, who’ll know the difference? Synopsis: We are all design disruptors bringing holistic user-centric methodologies to the table in

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Dawn of mankind.

Title: The irreverent (and slightly bloody) history of UX design Context: The user experience of human development could use some process refinements. Synopsis: Humanity is a product. Leaving aside the divine nature of the “intelligent designer” argument (after all, would

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Psychedelic UX. It's Trippy Man.

Title: Psychedelic UX. It’s Trippy Man. Context: Finally! My very own O’Reilly book! Get your copy today! Synopsis: Delivering a better user experience through chemistry. via

The shame of using an ad-blocker

Title: Guilt And Shame As A UI Design Element Context: Why waste time encouraging users to do something when it’s so much easier to shame them into doing it? Synopsis: You probably don’t call your mother enough. Do you floss

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If engineers were treated like designers.

Title: If engineers were treated like designers. Context: The subjectivity of the majority of design criticism when applied to other disciplines is sadly laughable. via

The UX Designer Paradox

Title: The UX Designer Paradox Synopsis: It’s not always easy to know what your user’s needs really are. But this shouldn’t be taken as a rationale to design whatever the hell you want.

Title: 謝承霖 《低头人生》 Life Smartphone Synopsis: It’s all fun and games until distracted bloody mayhem eradicates the human race. Best Bit: Selfie girl. I’ve met her kind before. via

UX reaction

Title: UX Reactions Context: Why come up with your own reactions to ridiculous UX situations when GIF makers have already done all the hard work for you? via

Zombie user interface

Title: 3 things poor interfaces and zombies have in common Context: The danger posed to society at large by the undead pales in comparison to the existential threat of poor UX. Synopsis: It is a forgone conclusion that at some

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Dilbert cartoon

The team that designs a product for themselves has an idiot for an end user. via

iOS Yo app plus

If you think the “Yo” app is the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard of, just you wait… via