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Cataloging the art and science of user experience design

Title: Crappy Design – 2012 Honda Console Context: In the olden days, people would encounter a poorly designed experience and suffer through it in silence. It’s no longer the olden days. Best Bit: Pretty good design critique from a (very

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United mobile app screen

Title: How United Onboards New Users Context: Want to book a flight on United via their mobile app? You are a damn fool. Best Bit: There is nothing—NOTHING!—”best” about this. via

Title: The Consequences of Bad Typography Context: Making a dumb mistake happens to everyone. Making a dumb mistake that could have been avoided through the use of decently designed typography, well, that pretty much happens to everyone too. Just ask

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Satan's web design

Title: If Satan was a web designer… Context: Web forms aren’t evil. Web form designers on the other hand… Best Bit: None of these examples also show a captcha. Even Satan refuses to go there. via

2016 UX Year in Review

Title: The Best And Worst User Interfaces Of 2016 Context: 2016 was an interesting year. Also, some cool and crappy UI’s were designed. Synopsis: What happened in 2016? Don’t ask me. I’ve blocked it all out for mental health reasons.

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Confusing ballot design

Title: Disenfranchised by Bad Design Context: It’s not just a bad idea to have confusing, poorly designed ballots for elections, in many cases, it’s also the law. Seriously. Synopsis: Voting can be stressful. Not because the choice of candidates can

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Rascist Snapchat filter

Title: Discrimination by Design Context: Design is pretty fly…if you’re a white guy. Synopsis: Women? People of color? Disabled? Poor? Sorry, I don’t seem to have a persona for any of you. But I’m sure you’ll all be fine with

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Windows 10 upgrade fail

Title: Computer-Assisted Embarrassment Context: The only things that regularly embarrass my kids more than I do are their “smart” devices. Synopsis: We’ve all surely been embarrassed by technology at one time in our life whether it be an overly creative

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Really badly designed auto gear shifter.

Title: Looks Can Kill: The Deadly Results of Flawed Design Context: Sometimes the end-user impact of a poor design is a lot higher than “I don’t like how this works.” Synopsis: No designer sets out to intentionally kill his or

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Title: oh. my. god. Context: Some UI designers just want to watch the world burn. Best Bit: The UI “improvements” and reaction gifs in the reply thread are genius. via

Title: It’s not you. Bad doors are everywhere. Context: Push? Pull? Brain the designer with a ball-peen hammer? Best Bit: “Norman door (n.): 1. A door where the design tells you to do the opposite of what you’re actually supposed

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Title: Death to Bullshit Context: One man stands alone in the face of the unrelenting bullshit choking the internet. Best Bit: You must try the “Turn bullshit on?” link in the upper right of the home page. via

Medical software (crappy) UI

Title: Our world is full of bad UX, and it’s costing us dearly Context: We don’t design things, we design for people and sometimes what we design just happen to be things. Synopsis: Design is not always a life and

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"There Grandma, I fixed it!" remote controls

Title: What are some examples of products that have bad user experience (UX) designs but are still used with ease? Context: People offer up some of the most painful examples of user experience in the world. You can’t argue with

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Zombie user interface

Title: 3 things poor interfaces and zombies have in common Context: The danger posed to society at large by the undead pales in comparison to the existential threat of poor UX. Synopsis: It is a forgone conclusion that at some

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