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Title: The Cognitive Benefits of Doodling Context: If one must think, one should first doodle. Synopsis: The art of doodling is in fact exactly not at all that. It is not about aesthetics, or style, or museum quality renderings suitable

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Creativity cannot be scheduled, budgeted, or administered.

Title: Stop Apologizing for Being Creative Context: Creativity and business do not mix. Said every business failure ever. Synopsis: In many (sad and unfortunate) ways, creativity is punished. Why? It scares the hell out of people quite frankly. Mostly because

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Title: Why Doodling Is Important – “I Draw Pictures All Day” Context: The best way to think creatively is to act creatively. Synopsis: Remember back when you were a kid and a box of crayons was your best friend? Most

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Maybe it’s not the pen that moves, but rather the rest of the world underneath it… via

The artistic process remains a mystery. Or a series of randomized variables and algorithms for our robotic friends. via

Title: Why We Sketch Context: A picture is worth a thousand words which should be reason enough to sharpen your sketching pencils. Synopsis: I knew an elementary school teacher once who told me “The problem with adults is that we

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The science behind drawing and how it helps us to think and remember better. Or so they say. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was too busy doodling. via

Teaching kids to take notes in school would be so much more effective if we taught them to take sketchnotes instead. via

Sketchnotes make understanding everything easier whether you were there in person or not. via

Never let an inability to draw prevent you from drawing something cool. via

Title: Shades of Grey: Thoughts on Sketching Context: Back away from the computer every once in a while and pick up a pen and paper. You will be glad that you did. Synopsis: Remember when you were a kid and

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Title: Clive Thompson on the Power of Visual Thinking Context: Shut up* and draw. You’ll make more sense. *Not meant pejoratively. Synopsis: As designers we are particularly good at thinking visually. When working with people who are not so “artistically”

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