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Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

Title: How Today’s Designers are Influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Principles Context: Happy birthday Frank! Synopsis: In honor of Mr. Wright’s 150th birthday, this seems like an opportune time to gauge not only his influence on architecture, but on design

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Jared Spool: rabble rouser?

Title: Everyone is a designer. Get over it. Context: Controversial opinions being expressed on the internet?!?! What is this world coming to? Synopsis: Allow me to begin by nitpicking the very premise of this article, which is—dare I say—poorly designed.

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Mondrian...FROM HELL!!!!!

Title: 8 Delightfully Creepy Design Projects Just In Time For Halloween Context: There’s nothing scarier than a designer with an idea. Best Bit: “The skull with the bees is especially unsettling, making us want to tap into our inner Nic

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"Agile" design

Title: Halloween Costumes for Designers Context: And no, there is not a “Sexy UI Designer” costume in the whole lot. Best Bit: It’s visually pun-tastic! via

If engineers were treated like designers.

Title: If engineers were treated like designers. Context: The subjectivity of the majority of design criticism when applied to other disciplines is sadly laughable. via

Design Team Morale vs. Product Quality matrix

Title: UX Is a Canary in a Coal Mine Context: Happy designers = better products. So make sure your designers are happy dammit! Synopsis: Are you happy? Not always an easy question to answer I know. Happiness comes and goes,

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The UX Designer Paradox

Title: The UX Designer Paradox Synopsis: It’s not always easy to know what your user’s needs really are. But this shouldn’t be taken as a rationale to design whatever the hell you want.

Title: How Designers Are Building Careers in Silicon Valley Context: Designers aren’t just designers anymore. Synopsis: (Ignore the navel gazing “Silicon Valley” qualifier in the title of this post because it adds nothing to the dialog which, make no mistake

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World's Biggest LiarImage credit: Alan Cleaver, "World's Biggest Liar", July 10, 2011, Flickr

Title: The User Experience Designer’s Charlatan Test Context: Good UX is never graded on a curve. Synopsis: How does one gauge an individual’s UX acumen? Well, you can work side by side with them for long periods of time, see

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OppositeImage credit: Julien Belli, “Opposite”, January 2, 2015, Flickr

Title: Despite tension, engineering and design needs must be valued equally: Execs Context: “Can’t we all just get along?” The answer for designers and developers working on enterprise software the answer is all too often “no”. Synopsis: Enterprise users demand

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Designer talking to Notdesigners

Title: Why designers need to step outside design Context: Communication is a design skill. Condescension is not. Synopsis: One of the basic mandatory skills any halfway competent designer requires is empathy. We leverage it day-in and day-out as we seek

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Process of a senior designer

The difference between a junior designer and a senior designer is a matter of perspective. Or a few diagrams at least. via

Title: A conversation about design Context: Very brief insights from the Google design team. They say “simple” a lot. Synopsis: Design cultures all have their own core set of beliefs, yet at the same time those beliefs are also predicated

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Title: The Broken Telephone Game of Defining Software and UI Requirements Context: Every additional step in the process between your design and engineering teams is a potential point of failure that must be guarded against. Synopsis: The PM takes the

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Sometimes designers say the dirtiest things. via