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Cataloging the art and science of user experience design

Title: The Consequences of Bad Typography Context: Making a dumb mistake happens to everyone. Making a dumb mistake that could have been avoided through the use of decently designed typography, well, that pretty much happens to everyone too. Just ask

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Confusing ballot design

Title: Disenfranchised by Bad Design Context: It’s not just a bad idea to have confusing, poorly designed ballots for elections, in many cases, it’s also the law. Seriously. Synopsis: Voting can be stressful. Not because the choice of candidates can

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USB icon schematic

Title: 5 Confusing Icons and Their History Context: The meaning behind an icon is very often in the eye of the beholder. Synopsis: Designers of all stripes have a love/hate relationship with iconography. A good, clear icon communicates succinctly, saves

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