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Tale of terror

Title: So spooky! Context: Be afraid…be very afraid… Best Bit: Nothing on earth scarier than PowerPoint. via

If engineers were treated like designers.

Title: If engineers were treated like designers. Context: The subjectivity of the majority of design criticism when applied to other disciplines is sadly laughable. via

The UX Designer Paradox

Title: The UX Designer Paradox Synopsis: It’s not always easy to know what your user’s needs really are. But this shouldn’t be taken as a rationale to design whatever the hell you want.

Dilbert cartoon

The team that designs a product for themselves has an idiot for an end user. via

Sometimes a bad user experience is bad for everybody. via

Who has time to come up with new features what with all the old crappy ones that need to be fixed? via

Nobody gets a design right the first time. Nobody. Not even him. via

Oh voice recognition, will you ever learn? via

Designing for your portfolio instead of for the end user? That only happens in the funny pages right? RIGHT?!?! via