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Cataloging the art and science of user experience design

Title: What’s With All Of The ‘Hairy Arms’ In Graphic Design? Context: Distraction is the better part of design valor. Synopsis: Many times, opinions are given simply for the sake of being heard. Or worse, just because someone’s position allows

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UI animations

Title: Motion Periodic Table Context: It’s not the size of the animation that matters, it’s the motion in the periodic table. Best Bit: Come for the stunning animations. Stay, well, for the stunning animations. via

Transitions and animation overkill

Title: Your UI isn’t a Disney Movie Context: Just because something can move, doesn’t mean it should. Synopsis: In much the same way a starving man can eat himself to death when finally presented with unlimited food after a prolonged

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UX reaction

Title: UX Reactions Context: Why come up with your own reactions to ridiculous UX situations when GIF makers have already done all the hard work for you? via

Animated breeze through some core design principles. Learn as much as is humanly possible about design in less than a minute through the power of animation. via

Title: The Psychology of Waiting, Loading Animations, and Facebook Context: Sometimes perception is more important than truth. Especially when giving the user feedback. Synopsis: Milliseconds matter in application design. End users are notoriously impatient when waiting on a piece of

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Title: Apple Skeuomorphism Reconstructed In 3-D Context: Think about the most colossal waste of time you ever engaged in when you were in college…now remember how awesome that was. Synopsis: Ever have one of those days were you’re just not

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Title: Infographic: Watch A Company’s Management Team Mutate Over 4 Years Context: We’ve all most likely been re-orged at least once in our life. Did I say once? Sorry, I meant eleventy billion times… Synopsis: Large, hulking, ossified corporate structures

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Title: Designing the Spaces Between Context: An impassioned rant on the necessity for animations and transitions. As a member of the choir, I enjoy being preached to sometimes. Synopsis: Stuff in real life moves. Unless it doesn’t. Then it’s either

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