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Title: It’s not you. Bad doors are everywhere. Context: Push? Pull? Brain the designer with a ball-peen hammer? Best Bit: “Norman door (n.): 1. A door where the design tells you to do the opposite of what you’re actually supposed

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If engineers were treated like designers.

Title: If engineers were treated like designers. Context: The subjectivity of the majority of design criticism when applied to other disciplines is sadly laughable. via

Rocker light dimmer switch

Title: 100 Days of Good UX Context: It’s the little things in life that make it worth living: sunsets, puppies, sick transitional mobile app animations. Get some. Best Bit: Check out “Day 42: VDOT Billboards”. Brilliant. via

Title: Death to Bullshit Context: One man stands alone in the face of the unrelenting bullshit choking the internet. Best Bit: You must try the “Turn bullshit on?” link in the upper right of the home page. via

The UX Designer Paradox

Title: The UX Designer Paradox Synopsis: It’s not always easy to know what your user’s needs really are. But this shouldn’t be taken as a rationale to design whatever the hell you want.

Title: Usability Testing of Fruit Context: Just because you’ve always used something doesn’t make it usable. Best Bit: At least oranges aren’t grapefruit. via

Title: Inspirational Videos For Designers – The Big Collection Context: In dire need of creative inspiration? Here’s a bajillion hours of videos that’ll cure what ails ya. Best Bit: “For me, a good TED video is much better than another

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"There Grandma, I fixed it!" remote controls

Title: What are some examples of products that have bad user experience (UX) designs but are still used with ease? Context: People offer up some of the most painful examples of user experience in the world. You can’t argue with

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Title: 謝承霖 《低头人生》 Life Smartphone Synopsis: It’s all fun and games until distracted bloody mayhem eradicates the human race. Best Bit: Selfie girl. I’ve met her kind before. via good accessibility

Title: Accessibility Wins Context: Everyone is supposed to design with accessibility in mind. Here are the few and far between that actually do so. Best Bit: “Sadly, with accessibility so much of the conversation is about what was done wrong.”

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UX reaction

Title: UX Reactions Context: Why come up with your own reactions to ridiculous UX situations when GIF makers have already done all the hard work for you? via

How IT people see users, using their app for the first time.

“How IT people see users, using their app for the first time.” via

Title: 1995 video shows the struggle was real for first-time PC users Context: It’s all fun and games until the user throws their new computer out the window. Best Bit: “And interestingly enough, at software giant Microsoft Corporation, users were

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Worst. Design. Ever.

Redditors aim their considerable resources at cataloging the worst that design has to offer. Your eyes, they will bleed. via