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Tale of terror

Title: So spooky! Context: Be afraid…be very afraid… Best Bit: Nothing on earth scarier than PowerPoint. via

Title: Copenhagen students design rotary phone that can literally dial up the internet Context: This is your grandparent’s internet. Synopsis: Not all of us (or even most of us) may recall the pre-information age where communication was still very analog.

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Title: Inside the Museum of Failure Context: There’s nothing wrong with innovating and failing. There’s everything wrong with innovating and failing then refusing to learn anything from it. Best Bit: Inclusion of “Trump: The Game”. The Museum of Failure’s troll

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Really bad volume slider

Title: Redditors are competing to design the most asinine volume sliders Context: No intentionally crappy UI element is so stupid that it is not plausibly legitimate. Best Bit: The original Reddit thread is worth its weight in decibels. via

Title: Crappy Design – 2012 Honda Console Context: In the olden days, people would encounter a poorly designed experience and suffer through it in silence. It’s no longer the olden days. Best Bit: Pretty good design critique from a (very

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United mobile app screen

Title: How United Onboards New Users Context: Want to book a flight on United via their mobile app? You are a damn fool. Best Bit: There is nothing—NOTHING!—”best” about this. via

Title: The Consequences of Bad Typography Context: Making a dumb mistake happens to everyone. Making a dumb mistake that could have been avoided through the use of decently designed typography, well, that pretty much happens to everyone too. Just ask

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Satan's web design

Title: If Satan was a web designer… Context: Web forms aren’t evil. Web form designers on the other hand… Best Bit: None of these examples also show a captcha. Even Satan refuses to go there. via

Mondrian...FROM HELL!!!!!

Title: 8 Delightfully Creepy Design Projects Just In Time For Halloween Context: There’s nothing scarier than a designer with an idea. Best Bit: “The skull with the bees is especially unsettling, making us want to tap into our inner Nic

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"Agile" design

Title: Halloween Costumes for Designers Context: And no, there is not a “Sexy UI Designer” costume in the whole lot. Best Bit: It’s visually pun-tastic! via

UI animations

Title: Motion Periodic Table Context: It’s not the size of the animation that matters, it’s the motion in the periodic table. Best Bit: Come for the stunning animations. Stay, well, for the stunning animations. via

Title: Don Norman: The term “UX” Synopsis: The guy who helped to create the term “user experience” wants you to know that most of you are using it all wrong. Best Bit: “…today that term [user experience] has been horribly

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Title: HYPER-REALITY Context: Virtual. Augmented. Hyper. Whatever happened to good old “real” reality? Oh, that’s right…not enough ad space. Best Bit: In a digitally saturated future, religion might just become a better Google than Google. via

Psychedelic UX. It's Trippy Man.

Title: Psychedelic UX. It’s Trippy Man. Context: Finally! My very own O’Reilly book! Get your copy today! Synopsis: Delivering a better user experience through chemistry. via

Title: oh. my. god. Context: Some UI designers just want to watch the world burn. Best Bit: The UI “improvements” and reaction gifs in the reply thread are genius. via