Title: Net Promoter Score Considered Harmful (and What UX Professionals Can Do About It)
Context: There are two types of product designers in this world: those who don’t know what their NPS score is and those who don’t care what it is.
Synopsis: Everyone wants to know what their NPS score is. It’s the key metric—no—the ONLY metric that matters. What exactly does it measure? Who cares? What does it tell you about the problems with your product? Who knows? How can we use it to make better products and services that our customers will truly love? You’re kidding right? Sure, we could probably perform achingly in-depth analysis of customer sentiment, trying to pinpoint explicit breakdowns in usability and customer service interactions, crafting deep understanding of the emotional relationship our users have with our product, but that begs the obvious question: how would we fit all of that data into a single PowerPoint slide?
Best Bit: “We Can’t Reduce User Experience To A Single Number”

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