Title: The State of UX in 2018
Context: Welcome to 2018! (A few weeks late. Sorry, 2017 had a harsh finish.)
Synopsis: Welcome to a brand-new year in your career as a UX Designer. Or is that a UX Storyteller? Hmm. Maybe you’re a UX Influencer then? No? UX Writer? OK, maybe Product Designer? I give up. Well, whatever you call yourself these days, I’m sure it’s both relevant and on trend for our ever-evolving industry. I mean voice interfaces, AI, blockchain, chatbots plus the dozens and dozens of other hot UX buzzwords make us even more valuable today than we were back in the olden times of 2017. The more things change, the more UX designers must stay true to the underlying skills and talents that make us such valuable parts of any modern business. After all, there’s just going to be another crop of new things for us to master in 2019 because next year is going to be the year UX really hits its stride…and it always will be.
Best Bit: “Design is a process that can be applied to anything, including our work environment. Why are you still complaining about bad meetings, instead of redesigning them?”

via trends.uxdesign.cc