Title: Bringing Design to Science
Context: When design and science work together, the outcomes are exponentially greater. It’s just science.
Synopsis: Designers are indeed artists in a very real sense. We interpret contexts to yield results that communicate truths to the world. Or is that the definition of a scientist? Either way, we’re all trying to do similar stuff, it’s just that we speak different languages, go to different schools, use different tools… But this doesn’t mean that we can’t be helpful to each other. Science tries to solve problems and find answers as its core function. Again, a pretty good argument can be made that design does the same with a different approach. Is it possible that by combining the two methodologies — one more empirical, the other skewing towards the intuitive — we can cover more ground, faster, leading to more “creative” solutions? I’m not going to give away the answer, but you can do the math. Or the science, as the case may be.
Best Bit: “Design — and especially interaction design — has many qualities, strategies and methodologies that can make substantial contributions to the scientific progress.”

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