Title: Why we need writers: Better products, services, and companies.
Context: A good UI is as much written as designed.
Synopsis: Most people think of design as a visual medium where concepts and ideas are communicated through graphic cues that encourage behaviors without explicit direction. This conceit is rarely disabused by designers who, on the whole, consider descriptive language a sign of design failure. Don’t tell someone where to click, make it obvious through a week crafted interface that leaves little doubt as to what a user should be doing and where they should be doing it. Of course, it is rarely ever that easy, and as products either become more technically complex, or eschew a visual interface altogether, the option of languageless product design becomes all the less likely. Writing is increasingly becoming a mandatory skill for modern product development teams, and good writing—exactly as with good design—has no substitute if one wishes to standout in the poorly designed, clumsily worded competitive landscape. So the next time you are presented with a complex usability problem, don’t just design a solution; write one.
Best Bit: “Words shouldn’t be getting in the user’s way. Writers who develop ease and flow in their work are the perfect interaction designers.”

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