Title: The UX of a Banana – Understanding What UX Design is All About
Context: Need to explain what UX is to the uninitiated? Tell them it’s like a banana. That should clear up any confusion.
Synopsis: Of all of the wonders of nature, none of its other creations deliver superior user experience quite like the banana. That’s right, the lowly banana is the spirit fruit of the UX designer. Think about all it brings to the design table. Portable? Yup. Easy to eat? Sure. Let’s you know when it’s ready to be consumed? You bet. Healthy? As hell. These little miracles of natural selection are the apotheosis of high UX. When it comes to the banana, it may be the one thing about which a UX designer will say, “I could not have done it better myself.”
Best Bit: “There’s a lot of fruit in the produce aisle, but if any one type of fruit was designed by Mother Nature for the user experience, it would have to be the banana.”

via blog.walkme.com