Title: Despicable Design – When “Going Evil” is the Perfect Technique
Context: Anyone can try to design a better experience, but only a great design team can design a much, much worse one.
Synopsis: So, you’ve managed to convince your cross-functional team of product stakeholders that it would be a good idea to hold a design workshop. Since you’re a designer this sounds like a great time, but imagine how your developer and product management friends must feel. Dread? Horror? Intimidation? Perhaps. After all, you are inviting them to come play in your comfort zone. Of course, you have nothing but the best intentions but these are not design professionals. What if they do the wrong thing? Make the wrong suggestion? Make the user experience worse?!?! Well, maybe that’s it then. Forget about trying to design the thing right, instead spend some time trying to make everything wrong. I mean horrible. Things that will leave your users writhing on the floor in tears of misery. That sounds a lot less terrifying, yes? And it also sounds a whole heck of a lot more fun.
Best Bit: “No matter how bad they think it is now, there’s always room to make it much, much more miserable for the user.”

via uie.com