Title: Dos and don’ts on designing for accessibility
Context: If only there were some clear and simple accessibility design guidelines in poster form. Problem. Solved.
Synopsis: Most designers worth their salt know the basics of how to design accessible web sites and applications. Unfortunately, in most cases accessibility is still treated as an afterthought, as in “OK, the design is done, now to make it 508 compliant!” This is wrong. The fact is, that many aspects of good accessibility are also aspects of plain old good design. Keep things uncluttered. Can’t argue with that. Use tight semantic markup. Sounds about right. Prioritize legibility. Well, duh! So rather than leaving accessibility to the very end of your next project, maybe consider it as part of your usual design process and please all of the users all of the time.
Best Bit: “…[A]ren’t good design principles applicable to everyone and not just those with access needs?”

via blog.gov.uk