Title: How Today’s Designers are Influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Principles
Context: Happy birthday Frank!
Synopsis: In honor of Mr. Wright’s 150th birthday, this seems like an opportune time to gauge not only his influence on architecture, but on design itself as a whole. Sure, we are all familiar with his houses (Fallingwater) and buildings (The Guggenheim Museum) but it also important to understand the contributions he has made to industrial, textile, furniture, and graphic design as well. He was a design polyglot, speaking the language of many different disciplines, many times bringing them all to bear not just to enhance a space, but to deliver an “experience” in the truest sense of the word. He pushed the boundaries of what was previously considered possible and embraced technology as the solution to many design problems. While he remained respectful of nature and tradition, he felt much more at home in the present and future. Design is a vehicle for change, for constant improvement, for innovation, and for making the world better. Frank Lloyd Wright knew this, and following his example, so, hopefully, should we.
Best Bit: “From adaptation of technological advances to sustainability to aesthetic disruption, design as we know it today has been forever changed by Wright and will continue thanks to his legacy of innovation.”

via design-milk.com