Title: In the future, design principles won’t be about design
Context: Everybody has got design principles, but how many really live by them?
Synopsis: Design principles are the new hotness. Can you even claim to be a design thinking company if you don’t have a set of your own? Of course not. You’ve got to have these statements to plaster all over your website, to throw at your customers, to show—no, to prove—that you have the design goods. And design, as any simpleton knows, is all about simplicity. I mean duh! What else would it be about? Except for maybe (in descending order:) user-friendliness, consistency, accessibility, delight(!!!)… you get the picture. After all, design isn’t brain surgery, it’s much, much simpler. At least that’s what everyone’s principles say.
Best Bit: “A good principle should be a trade-off, a choice.”

via uxdesign.cc