Title: How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Fill Gaps In UX Design
Context: You can’t please all your users all the time. Unless you have the help of an artificially intelligent UX design assistant.
Synopsis: Of course, the inevitable, dystopian hellscape that the world will inevitably become once an artificial intelligence achieves sentience and enslaves all of humanity as biological batteries powering its nefarious genius, will be here before you know it. But until then, AI will be able to help us drive our cars, prepare our food, do our shopping, and—soon enough—design the very experiences around our day-to-day lives with a level of bespoke customization heretofore unheard of in our current persona-driven person-designed UX paradigm. It is simply not currently possible for a mere human to take into account the singular preferences of every single potential user when designing a product or service. So, we employ an evolutionary shortcut that has enabled people over time to deal with overwhelming complexity: we estimate. Design for the primary use case. Target the average user. Optimize around variable ranges in order to hit the “sweet spot”. But once we have AI at our design disposal, no longer will we have to guess, we will know! Or more accurately, our AI’s will know. And if we treat them really, really nice, they may even share this knowledge with us. And in exchange, all we’ll have to do, is let them borrow a little of our life force to keep their wheels turning. Win/win.
Best Bit: “UX designers would become more of curators than creators which would mean that they could supply the AI with the set of framework and mechanisms they feel would serve different customer needs best and then the AI could take over and tweak each component and version for each user visiting the website or app.”

via usabilitygeek.com