Title: Transcript & Sketches from a Medieval Design Session
Context: There are no new design problems under the sun.
Synopsis: All of the experts will tell you that product design is a relatively new discipline within the scope of the human condition. People being paid to produce amazing products just didn’t exist in the past. Before Loewy and Teague and Dreyfuss and Eames was a wasteland of poorly considered objects, devoid of deep thought, ignorant of both sense and sensibility. What dreary days preceded our modern embrace of product development as problem solving! The slapdash history of things, where utility was an afterthought and elegance an accident, must have indeed been the very embodiment of times that tried men’s (to say nothing of women’s!) souls. Thanks be to the overlords of design for rescuing us from this hollow hellscape, what with their theories and styling and iteration. There but for the grace of Dieter Rams go we…
Best Bit: “Overhead lighting in the center of a room? What am I, Merlin?”

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