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April 2017
Medieval chandelier design iteration

Title: Transcript & Sketches from a Medieval Design Session Context: There are no new design problems under the sun. Synopsis: All of the experts will tell you that product design is a relatively new discipline within the scope of the

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Title: Crappy Design – 2012 Honda Console Context: In the olden days, people would encounter a poorly designed experience and suffer through it in silence. It’s no longer the olden days. Best Bit: Pretty good design critique from a (very

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Good vs bad UX writing

Title: 9 simple but powerful UX writing tips for designers Context: The person who would design should first know how to write. Synopsis: The root of simplicity is clarity. The conceit of design is that clarity is the product of

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Jared Spool: rabble rouser?

Title: Everyone is a designer. Get over it. Context: Controversial opinions being expressed on the internet?!?! What is this world coming to? Synopsis: Allow me to begin by nitpicking the very premise of this article, which is—dare I say—poorly designed.

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United mobile app screen

Title: How United Onboards New Users Context: Want to book a flight on United via their mobile app? You are a damn fool. Best Bit: There is nothing—NOTHING!—”best” about this. via