Title: The State of UX in 2017
Context: 2017 is going to be an interesting year. Also, some cool and crappy UI’s will be designed.
Synopsis: What does the future hold? Only a fool tries to predict an answer to such a question. With that said, let’s give it a shot! Time to throw some darts at the ol’ UX Target of Prophesy and see what’s going to definitely, without question, no doubt, for sure, certainly, bet the farm on it happening in 2017! First off, I boldly predict that we will continue to design interfaces. A brave forecast yes, but I feel comfortable in making it. What else? Oh yes, I can also confirm that the new year will also bring with it progress! And innovation! And change! And remember, I’m not even charging for these rock-solid prognostications. Finally: you can bank on things happening that no one — not even me — expects to happen. Now that you have a crystal-clear picture of what 2017 holds in store, feel free to take off until 2018. I know I’m going to try…
Best Bit: “We will need to keep in mind that users are more than metrics in a dashboard and, instead of talking about user retention, we will start talking about how relevant the interactions are.”

via uxdesign.cc