Title: The Best And Worst User Interfaces Of 2016
Context: 2016 was an interesting year. Also, some cool and crappy UI’s were designed.
Synopsis: What happened in 2016? Don’t ask me. I’ve blocked it all out for mental health reasons. Which is why I’m so glad that others with a much stronger mental constitution than I possess decided to write down some of the things that transpired over the previous 12 months. Apparently, there were a whole host of user interfaces that were designed and developed last year. Who knew? Some of them were pretty sweet. Some of them fell more along the lip puckering end of the UX saccharine scale. The good news is (besides my inability to recall a single one of these events) that our profession still bends towards “pretty sweet” in the grand scheme of things. Here’s hoping that 2017 continues to improve over all that has come before it. And even if it doesn’t, I won’t be able to remember a thing. So, I’ve got that going for me.
Best Bit: “For all of our efforts in communicating more easily with computers, it’s easy to forget that the final goal of UI could be to communicate mindlessly with one another.”

via fastcodesign.com