Title: Give Thanks for Good UX
Context: It is the time of year for all of us to be thankful. Mostly for being designers and not developers. Just kidding. (Not kidding.)
Synopsis: Ah Thanksgiving. One of America’s greatest holidays. A time to break bread with friends and loved ones while we revel in the amazing user experiences delivered by modern technology to the exclusion of the company of said friends and loved ones. Sure we don’t always equate superior UX with a national holiday intended to give us pause to reflect on our many blessings and good fortune, but perhaps we should start. Think of all the seconds you save by using your thumbprint to login to your phone instead of typing a password every time. Rejoice in the increasing utility our mobile mapping applications bring to our daily drive to Starbucks. Praise the hands free glory of being able to Google “lolcats” using nothing but the spoken word. These are truly great times we live in. If only our Pilgrim and Native American progenitors could see us now. All they had to give thanks for was mere survival. We on the other hand, have much, much more. Just ask Siri, she’ll tell you.
Best Bit: “Emoji! They just make us happy, that’s all. We are glad to see they are still around and being used.”

via nngroup.com