Title: Makeover Mania: Inside the 21st-Century Craze for Redesigning Everything
Context: There is nothing new under the sun. Which is why it all should be redesigned from the ground up. Including the sun.
Synopsis: People get used to the familiar. Even if it sucks. Well, perhaps “sucks” is too harsh a word. Even if things are “sub-optimally designed”. How’s that sound? Much more politically correct. See what I just did there? I redesigned my original sentence to make it better. At least more palatable to a mass market audience. Which is what a lot of design is doing these days. Taking the old, applying design with a trowel, and launching—or more accurately; relaunching—the brand new, redesigned whatchamathingit. Too bad people don’t always want their whatchamathingit improved. But that’s never stopped a designer on a mission before! And if it did, I’d imagine we’d have no choice but to redesign the designer his or herself.
Best Bit: “Indeed, this is the platonic ideal of the redesign: A designer sees a problem, proposes a solution, makes a difference.”

via nytimes.com